Check credit report

Request for the report and check it for errors. The report contains data used to calculate one’s credit score. Check to eliminate errors involving late payments, unaccounted payments and amounts owed ensuring it is correct. You can click on the active link to learn more about this credit repair service.

Advance your credit card limit

moneyIncrease your credit card limit but do not increase your usage. The limit improves your score as you will access credit way below your limit.

Under-use your cards

Your credit utilization ratio should be below 30% routinely. It is important to manage the impression you give the bureau on one’s spending habits and not on the promptness to pay.

Pay bills on time

Late payment of bills may lead to a drop in the credit score. A fall of the score may block an intended purchase notwithstanding one’s savings. It is advisable to set up payment reminders on credit card payments to prompt one on when payment is due.

Exclude credit card balances

Pay off small balances from your credit cards and use one credit card to pay off for the rest of your purchases. This way your credit report does not have too many balances.

Retain old debt on one’s report

This shows a good payment track record in the past, and it is good for the credit score. Removing the old debt payment will reduce your score making it unfavorable for you, as long as it was good debt keep it on the report.

Do not hint a risk

Do not miss payments then suddenly pay less or charge more than usual. Do not use your cars on a new business venture that could potentially cause money stresses or an event that could sink one’s finances deep e.g. divorce attorney.

Reduce debt owed

You should have a list of all the accounts you have and the respective interest rates Prepare a payment plan on how to remit the own debt payments focusing on the ones that attract the highest interest rates.


In case you were unable to pay your credit card due to an issue like unemployment, request the credit card to expunge any account that went into collection. Agree to pay any areas and remove the record of you not having.

Get credit cards

Get credit cardsSomeone with no credit card cannot have a good score as it cannot be established how he/she is likely to manage credit cards. Having loans to pay which are paid and maintain credit cards builds one’s credit score.